2022 Fiction Round-Up

This year I published five short stories, including my first two pro-rate sales at Daily Science Fiction and Little Blue Marble. Those are both flash stories if you’re looking for a quick read. “Unbury My Heart” is my favorite story so far, and “Solar Bear Plunge” might be the most fun I’ve had writing. “The Amulets and the Mist” is the prequel to my forthcoming debut novel, Sediment Valley, and ties in to last year’s “The Bent Greens” as well. Feel free to reach me over on Mastodon at @jabartles@mas.to if you like what you read.

“The Amulets and the Mist”

Post-apocalyptic cityscape

Clive is working on a secret project to draw magical energies from the Earth when he goes missing. Landon, his husband, will have to work with Clive’s best friend, Douglas, to track him down, recover the stolen tech, and hope that SustainAble isn’t able to stop them in the process. This story builds from the collectively-imagined world from the first volume, but can be read as a standalone.

In The World’s Revolution, vol. 2, edited by C. D. Tavenor. Two Doctors Media Collaborative. Forthcoming 2022.

“Unbury My Heart”

Cover of Queer as F Vol. 2

What will it take for queer love stories to end happily instead of in tragedy? Charlie and Ell battle their way through a rogue-like Philadelphia to take on homophobes, unbridled bachelorette parties, and ultimately the entire city. Will they ever find their way out of this progressive death labyrinth?

In Tree and Stone: Queer as F* Issue. 2. 7 November 2022.

“What to Expect When You’re Expecting Advanced Life-Forms”

Mystical image of hands and cosmic figures

Here you’ll find some advice for expecting plarents from the one-and-only Earth.

In Little Blue Marble. 16 September 2022.

“Solar Bear Plunge”

Cover of Utopia Science Fiction Magazine

Having fled climate crises and his family, Charlie gets inducted into the Solar Bears. But first he has to pass the test: will he survive the plunge into the flooded I-676 that bisects Philadelphia? Inspired by last year’s flooding that left the expressway submerged.

In Utopia Science Fiction Magazine August/September 2022.

-Listen to the Podcast here: Utopia SF Podcast

“No Worries”

Planet with Green Atmosphere

Living in a recently colonized world, the narrator navigates the seemingly minor assaults on him and his people, a humanoid species with a delicate wattle trained to detect even the faintest shifts in the atmospheric scents.

In Daily Science Fiction. 30 June 2022.


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